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110 Tower Lights


110 Tower Lighting Partner Program

The 110 Tower Lighting Partner Program provides your business or organization the opportunity to promote notables dates and/or events with special symbolic lightings at the tallest commercial building in the Central Business District. 110 Tower's lights will recognize key milestones, events, charitable organizations and holidays.

The new LED Exterior Lighting System, featuring a wide selection of color combinations, can be seen throughout Fort Lauderdale including Ft.Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and I-95 .


Date Colors Occasion
January 1 Gold/Gold/Gold In celebration of New Years Day
January 20 Red/Black/Green In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
January 30 Red/White/Blue In honor of Election Day
February 14 Red/Pink/White In celebration of Valentine's Day
February 17 Red/White/Blue In honor of President's Day
February 24 Blue/Blue/Blue Emb(race)
March 14 Blue/Orange/Yellow MS Awareness & Education
March 17 Green/Green/Green St. Patrick's Day
March 23 Red / Blue Meet Me In The Big Apple, Auction
Fundraiser (Bethany Christian School)
April 15 Blue Passover celebration
April 20 Green/Pink/Yellow In celebration of Easter
April 2 Blue/Blue/Blue Autism Speaks – Light It Up Blue
April 16-17 Purple Arts Advocacy Day
April 22 Green/Green/Green Earth Day
April 24 Red/Blue/Orange In honor of Armenian Martyrs of 1915
April 28 Blue/Blue/Blue Autism Awareness
May 1 Blue/Blue/Blue In honor of World Wish Day (Make-A-Wish)
May 2 Red/Blue/Orange In honor of Armenian Martyrs of 1915
May 4 Blue/White Broward College Commencement
May 11 Pink Mother's Day
May 10-18 Purple In recognition of World Lupus Day & Lupus Awareness
May 25-30 Red/White/Blue In honor of Memorial Day
June 12 Black/Gold/Gold In celebration of UCF Senior Send Off
June 14 Red/White/Blue In honor of Flag Day
July 1-4 Red/White/Blue In honor of Independence Day
July 12 Pink/Pink/Pink In celebration of Glam-A-Thon's Breast Cancer Awareness
September 1 Red/White/Blue In honor of Labor Day
September 6 Orange In recognition of Hunger Action Month
September 7 Green/Gold/Green In celebration of 110 Tower Day
September 11 Red/White/Blue In memory of September 11
October 1-10 Pink/Pink/Pink Breast Cancer Awareness
October 11-14 Red/White/Green In honor of Columbus Day
October 15-24 Pink/Pink/Pink Breast Cancer Awareness
October 25-30 Purple In recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month
October 31 Orange/Black/White In celebration of Halloween
November 1-4 White/White/White Lung Cancer Awareness
November 5 Red/White/Blue In honor of Election Day
November 8-11 Red/White/Blue In honor of Veteran's Day
November 18-22 Green/Red/Green In celebration of Light Up Fort Lauderdale
November 25-30 Red/Orange/Yellow In celebration of Thanksgiving
December 1 Red/Red/Red In honor of World AIDS Day
December 20-22 Blue/White/Blue In celebration of Hanukah
December 23-30 Red/Green/Green In celebration of Christmas
December 31 Light Show In celebration of New Years Eve



Interested participants can now fill out applications, providing information on their event and color scheme of choice based on the options available. Selection as a 110 Tower Lighting Partner is at the sole discretion of the ownership and management of 110 Tower. Download a lighting partner application here, or please contact Melissa Dunham at